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Exciting Collaboration with Brighton Lace

I’ve long been an admirer of the lush lace lingerie designed by Brighton Lace so when I met the designer, the lovely Lou, recently we decided to join forces for a lace inspired Valentines treat. The idea for our Valentines collaboration came about at a recent Brighton Etsy Team meet up. Realising we both have a love of lace, and who doesn’t?, we matched up her sizzling Brighton Lace lingerie with my lace inspired jewellery collection for you.

Brighton Lace - Main

The beautiful and super flattering handmade soft lace sets by Brighton Lace are a perfect match with my handmade silver lace rings and pendant. The silver for my jewellery has been textured with a band of lace, available in white or black. Take a look at the gorgeous jewellery and lingerie combos we’ve put together. What do you think? Please leave your feedback in the comments below.

For more details please visit the Brighton Lace Shop and Elizabeth Anne Norris Jewellery Shop.


Brighton Lace - 1

Brighton Lace - 2  Brighton Lace - 3

Full details about all the items featured are below:

Red Lace Lingerie Set, £45

White Lace Silver Ring, £49.80

Black Lace Lingerie Set, £45

Black Lace Silver Ring, £49.80

White Lace Silver Necklace, £45


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