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Reflecting on 2015 and setting new goals !



Reflecting on 2015

So I sat down this morning and thought back through 2015. I’ve written the following mainly for myself but if you find any of it inspiring or useful then that it fantastic. Happy New Year Everyone !

My business goals for 2015 were…

  • Double my jewellery sales
  • Get professional modelled photos done for my jewellery collections

My personal goals were…

Can you believe I didn’t have any personal goals for 2015. Tut tut!



My achievements of 2015 

  • Giving up part time employment and embraced full time self employment
  • Setting up a business account (can’t believe I haven’t done it before)
  • I organised and centralised my business info so it can be accessed anywhere
  • Increasing my online shop sales by 26%
  • Increasing my bricks and mortar shop sales by 100%
  • Finding a photographer who I really like. She’s taken some stunning lifestyle shots of my jewellery
  • Being approached to write a book. I experienced the preparatory work for this although the book wasn’t selected for publishing in the end
  • Volunteering in an art gallery
  • Being interviewed by AOH and Folksy for articles

Areas that need some work…

  • I didn’t save enough for a professional modelled photo shoot but this is still very much a goal
  • I experienced 3 big changes in a short time which made things very challenging. Some decisions I made were not the best but I will try to learn from them to make better choices next time
  • I didn’t always get things right, I am learning all the time. I will look at my failures as part of the learning process that will help me improve

My new business goals for 2016 are to:

  • Arrange a professional modelled photo shoot
  • Build on my portfolio of professional styled photos
  • Set up at least 2 more online outlets for my designs
  • Find at least 2 more bricks and mortar outlets for my designs
  • Seek out new avenues for promotion in magazines and blogs
  • Get more help to free up time for me to work on my biz
  • Design two new jewellery collections
  • Focus and improve upon areas of my biz that have worked best in 2015

happiness-gratitude-jarMy personal goals for 2016 are:

  • Start a gratitude jar
  • More self love
  • Be more healthy and active
  • Make my home more homely
  • Do more things that inspire me eg. exhibitions, country walks, music
  • Plan to see friends more often


My grateful THANK YOUs go to…

  • The invaluable help I have found in Sue my hand model, Dave my engraver, Marek my stone setter, Gemma my lifestyle photographer, Vix my accountant, Jacques videographer, Charlie my logo designer, Jo my hairdresser who is so much more than that.
  • Jenny and Helen, friends who run their own biz, who’ve become great sounding boards
  • My mum and dad for their continual support and encouragement
  • My close friends who support me though thick and thin
  • My customers and students for continued support and inspiration
  • The Brighton Etsy Team for support and so much hard work organising team events
  • My online followers; over 3000 Twitter followers, over 1000 Facebook fans, over 1000 Instagram followers and 66 blog followers

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Soundtrack of 2015

Nico, The Fairest Of Seasons which to me is about how difficult it is making decisions sometimes. We all make some good and bad choices but it’s important to learn from them all.

What are your 2016 goals? What soundtrack would you put to 2015? Please let me know as a comment below, thank you.


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