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A Very Personal Wedding Ring Commission


I love jewellery commissions. Each one is different from the last.  I enjoy getting to known my clients a little better and discussing their jewellery design ideas.

I also love weddings, usually because friends or family have found ‘the one’ which makes me all happy and squidgy inside. They bring all their nearest and dearest together for a big celebration. This means a reunion of familiar faces plus a good old party too. What’s not to love?!

The best combination is making a wedding commission for friends. When my friends Geoff and Cathy announced their engagement I was so chuffed to be asked to make their wedding rings for them. Their wedding was on Saturday 13 June at Crowhurst Park, Battle, just outside Hastings Sussex. What an amazing day and what a perfect looking couple they make…

Geoff and Cathy Wedding.04

Geoff and Cathy’s rings reflect them perfectly. They are both nature lovers and spiritual people. Cathy is an accomplished writer and photographer. Geoff is a master in fungi foraging.

On one side of their rings is an ‘Om Ganesh’ symbol. This Hindu symbol is a combination of Om meaning ‘ultimate reality, entirety of the universe, truth, divine, supreme spirit, cosmic principles, knowledge’ and Ganesh ‘remover of obstacles’, ‘patron of arts and sciences’… so fitting for them. There are two enamelled circles on the rings to add colour to the sterling silver wedding rings.

Geoff and Cathy Rings - Main

On the other side of their wedding rings is a laser etched Mayan God face which represents the beginning of a new Mayan Calendar which is the time when Geoff and Cathy met each other. I had a little help from illustrator Scott Nellis who designed the Mayan God, a happy collaboration!

On the inside of the rings is the hand stamped date of their wedding 13 June 2015.

Geoff and Cathy Rings - Back

I’m so thrilled to have made such unique rings that are so precious and symbolic to this lovely couple and I wish them every happiness together. (Oh I’m getting all teary eyed as I type this!)

Geoff and Cathy Wedding.45-1

Congratulations Cathy and Geoff! I loved your real flower petal confetti. It smelled gorgeous too.

Geoff and Cathy Wedding.38

I look forward to watching my flowers grow. It will be a beautiful reminder of your wonderful day.

Have you been to any weddings recently? What was your favourite part?

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2 thoughts on “A Very Personal Wedding Ring Commission

  1. very nice, i like the symbol on the on side and the enamelling the other. well done.

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