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Tuesday Q’sDay


Yes Q’sDay is a new feature on my blog. I’m hoping Tuesday Q’sDay will be a regular post (at least every other week) where I will ask a simple question for you to answer. I am really interested to hear what you have to say so please leave a long or short answer below as a comment.

 Today’s Tuesday Q’sDay:

Think about the last piece of jewellery you bought for yourself. What was it and where did you wear it for the first time?

Blue Sparkle earrings

My answer would be these iridescent blue sparkle resin earrings that I bought from a local Brighton jeweller. I wore them at my Artists Open House. The picture doesn’t show how vivid they are in real life. I really love them!

Don’t forget to answer my question below and many thanks for joining in the fun.

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 Elizabeth Anne Norris  Jewellery Designer / Jewellery Teacher


Author: eanjewellery

Handmade jewellery specialising in enamel work

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Q’sDay

  1. I love the look of jewellery but rarely wear it. I’m kind of fidgety and always busy with my hands so bracelets and rings get caught up in things. I would love to wear earrings but my ears hate them and get very allergic. for my 30th birthday 10 years ago I asked for a custom made neclace from Rina Tairo. It is a tiny silver ball with pink spinell stones knitted into it, on a chain. I wore it to my party. I love its pretty simplicity. I have my eye on one of your circles and pearls rings for my upcoming 40th in July!

    • That’s so funny Anna, Rina Tairo was one of the first jewellers that inspired me back when I started out. I can totally understand why you like her style.

      Oh I’d be flattered if you chose one of my rings for your birthday… thank you 🙂

  2. A Circlet. Bought off the internet -Ebay.
    Worn at my daughters Wedding on the 20th December 2014

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