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Inspiration – My Jewellery and Teaching Story

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Today I’d like to tell you a little story. It might inspire and motivate you… ?

I first learnt to make silver jewellery back in 1999 (14 years ago) with a lovely, very knowledgeable teacher called Jackie Jones. Jackie held small classes (up to 4 students) at her home in Brighton, East Sussex. It was fun and the small classes meant I learnt quickly. It was a hobby at first, how most things like this start, but I quickly knew that loved it. I’m a very practical person, love using tools and learning the properties of metal and how to manipulate it to make something beautiful fascinated me. To cut a long story short I decided that jewellery design was my calling. I’ve been learning and creating bespoke precious metal jewellery ever since.

Then, just over a year ago, Jackie Jones, my very first teacher, persuaded me, reluctantly at first, to take up teaching silver jewellery making. As she was retiring she set me up with all her tools and handed me the baton as it were.  I started 1-2-1 tuition in 2012 and to my surprise I love teaching almost as much as I love making jewellery. I’ve had many wonderful and enthusiastic students; you may be one of them.

So to end this story, completing the circle if you like, I am very excited to be expanding my teaching capability. I can now teach classes of up to 4 students in Brighton, just like Jackie Jones did. I owe so much to Jackie, my first teacher and my inspiration to follow in her footsteps.

or click on the image right
My student Hetty made this ring


For those who want to give jewellery making a try without too much commitment I run 3 hour introductory workshops.


Click here for earring making

My student Nicola made these earrings (right)

I’d love it if you could spread the word about my jewellery classes to your friends.

Teaching keeps me motivated and is really enjoyable. All the images shown are made by my students.


Student Zoe said:

“Thank you so much for your time and patience yesterday, I really appreciate it. I love my ring and all my family are very impressed as they know I am not the most practical person! I can’t wait to show my friends who gave me the tuition as a present. ”

Student Nick said:

“Thank you very much for a very enjoyable and useful day today. I now feel really inspired to practice and experiment with enamelling at home for a while, and hope I may see you again soon for help with the next stage of my project?”

Student Emma said:

“Thanks again so much for the class. I can’t believe I learnt so much in such a short space of time and came away with a piece of jewellery I made myself! Thanks for your patient guidance and kindness.”

Thank you so much for reading this far ! That’s it for now.

Until next time, take care,


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