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Super+Super Craft Camp Window Display

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As I said in my previous post ‘Etsy #CraftParty Brighton Style’  it is a very exciting time for the Brighton Etsy Team. I am so proud and excited to be part of this growing and ambitious team of talented creatives. Everyone has been working so hard and great things are happening.

As a follow on from our amazingly fun Etsy #CraftParty we were given the go ahead by Super+Super to put together a window display at their headquarters in the South Lanes near Brighton seafront. The curator and inspiration behind the Craft Camp themed window display was Cheska from Mooshpie. Her idea meant that any of the Brighton Etsy Team members could contribute to the camp scene, and many members did just that, including me !

I made a couple of cute glitter clouds…


… and a Silversmith Merit Badge


Before I show you more photos of the finished window I just wanted to acknowledge and thank all the contributors who worked together in Brighton Etsy Team fashion to make this happen. Our window display will be there all of July 2013 so if you’re in Brighton don’t miss it !

Thank you to…

Super+Super for having us and

MooshpieHelloDODOdesignosaurYEAHI Like Cats

Anna LiversidgeBeckyQueenOfFrocksBetsAndBobsCataCakeCreations

ClaudiaMadeThisElizabeth Anne NorrisBMillineryFayeMoorhouse


TheKestrelAndTheSeaWhatYouSowElizaJoan, Rockcakes

StrixnebulosaCrochet and WoahTherePickle

And here is the finished window display…SuperSuperWindowDisplay-014

and some close ups










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