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Gem of The Day – Patsy Oxley


Patsy Oxley Butterfly earrings

Patsy Oxley is an artist turned enamel artist and has made jewellery her new artform. She draws inspiration from the semi-arid environment of Colorado Springs where she lives. Her colourful copper and enamel jewellery makes ‘the common uncommon‘ and her brass clay jewelry pieces are quite fantastic. Patsy writes about her inspiration and art in her blog here

I have chosen Patsy’s Enamel dangle butterfly earrings for my ‘Gem of the Day’ as they caught my eye with the vibrant orange and yellow enamels while the attention to detail in the Monarch butterfly wings is amazing. These are definitely statement earrings and are sure to catch everyone’s attention. Beautiful work.

Click here to see Patsy’s Online Shop OxArtJewelry. What do you think of Patsy’s enamel work? Please leave your comment below. Many thanks.

Click here to see who’s been my ‘Gem of The Day’ before? Which has been your favourite so far? Please leave a comment below. I’d love your feedback.

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3 thoughts on “Gem of The Day – Patsy Oxley

  1. Thank you Elizabeth for such a lovely post! It’s always extra-special to know a fellow artist appreciates my work. I’ve enjoyed reading your other “Gem of theDay” posts and totally agree with you about Rasa’s enamel jewelry in her shop Happyment. Her work is original, whimsical and just plain fun. Isn’t it great that we can connect and appreciate one another’s art even though we live on different continents!!!

    I shared this post on my FB and Google+ pages so hopefully my friends and followers will discover your inspiring blog and beautiful jewelry!

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