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A good photograph of your jewellery is one of the most important things you can have. The photos in this post are images of some of my enamel jewellery designs taken by photographer Daffyd Owen. I think you’ll agree they look fantastic and I’m very pleased with them. If you’d like to find out more about Daffyd Owen then read on as he’s written a special blog post for me today. You can also follow what he’s up to on his own blog too. Thanks Daf !

Ameoba Cufflinks - Silver and Enamel

Ameoba Cufflinks - Silver and Enamel

“My interest in photography started when my compact camera was stolen from my tent at Glastonbury Festival 1999 – this prompted me to buy my first SLR – a Minolta film SLR. At that point it was just a side hobby and I’d take mostly Landscape and Architecture photos, only from time to time when out for other reasons – like holidays etc. At that point my skill and passion were only progressing slowly. Around 2004 I was starting to see the limits of that camera and was looking to get a new film SLR, but then did some calculations on film cost Vs digital and ended up buying my first DSLR – this opened up a new world.

Back then I was doing a fair bit of clubbing and started taking photos when out – mostly of friends and DJs to begin with. But as I progressed and got better a few promoters offered to pay me for my services (not many people had DSLRs then). Over a couple of years this continued until I was relatively known in the scene covering many hard dance and trance events for promoters in and around London. Eventually it led to me working for DJmag on a regular basis – again covering London events but also several UK festivals and travel to Paris, Dublin and Ibiza. I would also get shoot requests from DJs and music producers and that’s how I started doing more studio like shoots.

Petal Earrings - Silver and Enamel

Petal Earrings - Silver and Enamel

These days I don’t really go clubbing so much and so don’t cover many such nightlife events – I have a day job and so don’t “need” the income from what can be quite demanding work, but it’s now a true passion – could be said I live and breathe photography. I do less DJ portrait shoots but get all sorts of others – from portrait and fashion to product shoots – such as Elizabeth’s jewellery.

Retro Green Earrings

Retro Green Earrings - Silver and Enamel

Photography is still a free time thing and so I do what time allows. At this point in time I don’t think being a full-time freelance photographer would suit me and so a few years ago I managed to get a day job (IT) in a photography business. It gives me the opportunity to discover different sides and aspects of photography business as a whole. Although I work mostly on the IT side of things – I do get to play with cameras from time to time – mostly setting up and running time-lapse projects. These have mostly been construction related – building the 2012 site, refitting a fashion retailer’s head office and some bridge replacement work – all with very different but interesting scenarios.

Moving on – I’d like to develop my studio photography and editing skills a bit more. Being quite a technical person my setups have been fairly technical so far (i own 4 studio lights) – but I now want to take a bit more time to develop projects or shoots with strong themes to them.

By Daffyd Owen”

Meander Necklace Blue - Silver and enamel

Meander Necklace Blue - Silver and enamel

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