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1-2-1 Jewellery Classes – A Students View


Textured Rings by Lavender Cottage

Textured Rings by Lavender Cottage

I have to thank one of my students profusely as she has written a review of my 1-2-1 jewellery classes after completing the 3 hour Introduction to Jewellery and Silversmithing course in Brighton with me. This is what Fay wrote:

“As someone who loves sewing, knitting and bead work, the idea of  silversmithing ticked all the boxes for me. It would be an outlet for my creativity into a 3D material, the bonus being that silver feels more permanent than fibre and hopefully no need for washing and ironing of the finished product on a weekly basis.

So silversmithing: what to expect? As a complete novice I went along with ideas of massive furnaces, huge sets of bellows and moulds being filled with hot metals (I think my imagination went  on a bit of a hike here!). In reality I was invited into a cosy studio space with workbenches and tools. Elizabeth was a friendly patient tutor who has a love of tea and her silversmithing. The 1-2-1 time provided a quality learning environment for an introduction to her craft. In no time, Elizabeth had me sat at a work bench working on a piece of silver to make into a ring. With the tools that I learnt to use, and a lot of supervision, I was happy to be able to complete a ring that I am proud to wear.

So I walked away from the experience with a tailored ring made for myself and a brain budding with more ideas for more projects in silver, I was hooked.

Without the opportunity to rent the workspace and tools from Elizabeth here at the studio the price of this craft could easily make a huge crater in an amateur’s pocket, so the chance try out silversmithing with Elizabeth on this course before investing money is invaluable.

The information I picked up in this course was concisely covered in notes from Elizabeth. The skill of this craft seems to come from practise and experience which Elizabeth has plenty of, and as a new starter look forward to achieving.

Would I do another course with Elizabeth? Yes. Can you all help me bug Elizabeth to set up a course on Enamelling, PLEASE!

So how would I improve this course? Chocolate Biscuits with the tea:)))))”

Thank you Fay. Always better to come from those who’ve experienced it first hand.

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