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Jewellery Blogs I Follow


swallow pin by Vanilla Ink

swallow pin by Vanilla Ink

I find it very useful to follow my fellow jewellery designers and so I read a lot online. It’s not only great to connect with people doing similar things but it can be very inspirational too. Here are some of the jewellery blogs I’m following at the moment:

Isabelle Busnel who went to the same Uni as me

Vanilla Ink a recent graduate doing good things

Devon Clark amazing contemporary enamel designs

Hammer Marks a metalsmith and teacher

The jewellery Apprenticeship teaching people jewellery virtually

Silvia Peluso’s Creations healing stone jewellery

Bijoules contemporary and very fashionable stuff

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2 thoughts on “Jewellery Blogs I Follow

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Elizabeth!

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