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Gem of the day – Alison Reid

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Well I can’t believe my last ‘Gem of the day’ post was just over a month ago. It just shows you how busy I’ve been (plus I had a little break for Christmas and New Year). Now ‘Gem of the day’ is back again as a regular posting every Wednesday so look out for it ! I love looking up new work to feature but I might have missed someone. If you are an enamel artist and want to be featured do get in touch.

Todays gem are these beautiful oval enamelled earrings by Alison Reid of Ali Bali Jewellery. Alison works in Edinburgh, Scotland (a place I love) so it’s great to be featuring a jewellery from the UK as the first of 2012.

Alison uses recycled silver in the form of precious metal clay, something I have tried and failed to use well. The pattern is textured in the clay using Coral then after firing they’ve been enamelled with a wonderful combination of purple, blue, bronze and green enamel. These muted colours are exactly what I wear. They must have been designed with me in mind (hee hee) !

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