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Gem of the day – Natsuko



Today I am typing with my left hand as I have injured my right so please excuse the lack of my own words (and lack of blog posts this week). I love the rich sumptuous colours in these toffee apple enamelled earrings.

Here are words by Natsuko:  “New color for the fall! Rich & warm red/orange color… reminds me of beautiful autumn leaves and picking delicious apples…”


“Hi my name is Natsuko, meaning summer child in Japanese. I’m originally from outside of Tokyo Japan and now living in Columbus OH, US with my husband & son. I work on jewelry & my shop from home while my son is at school and go to Zodiac Shop 69 Mill Street Gahanna OH on Saturdays where I have space upstairs for Jewelry work shop and classes. Also, takes jewelry class at Columbus Cultural Arts Center every Tuesday nights with wonderful teacher & friends. I make jewelry with colorful glass enamels and metals and of course LOVE.”

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2 thoughts on “Gem of the day – Natsuko

  1. Oh, what a nice surprise! Thank you so much:) I hope your hand get well soon!

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