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Twitter – Top 10 Tips

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This post follows on from my previous post ‘10 benefits of twitter‘. The following are my top 10 Twitter Tips. I have compiled these from my own experience of using Twitter.

  1. Set up your Twitter profile with a recognisable ‘avatar’ either your business logo, a photo of you or a piece of your work. You could use the same photo for Facebook, Twitter and Blog if you use those.
  2. On your Twitter profile you have 140 characters to write about you. Make sure it includes all the important info: what you do, your location, your niche, your specialism, your interests.
  3. You can add a link to a website on your profile. Make sure you use the best possible link. If you have a fab website that you update regularly use that. Other suggestions might by your online shop or blog. Its quick and easy to decide whether to follow someone or not if you can look at a website of theirs if they have one.
  4. Tweet often but only the interesting stuff ! Tweet up to date information, something you’ve discovered and want to share eg. an invaluable website, new blog posts, Facebook updates, upcoming shows, gigs or exhibitions, an online shop, classes/ courses, new designs or promotions and giveaways.
  5. Use Twitter to create dialogue with followers, fellow creatives, ask for feedback, ask questions. Follow local tweeters and those with similar interests to create a supportive community
  6. You can use Twitter to read tweets when you have time. Use the search tool to show up tweets that are relevant to what you are currently interested in finding out about. Using ‘#’ before an important word makes topics searchable to all tweeters. e.g. #Brighton #Enamelling #Jewellery #Design
  7. Retweet tweets that you find interesting/useful
  8. You don’t have to follow everyone that follows you. There are spammers out there so read their profile carefully. If in doubt don’t follow. I recommend you only follow people you are really interested in.
  9. You can choose which tweets you want to come to your mobile e.g. just from friends or close colleagues or none at all.
  10. Use Twitter in conjunction with other social media marketing sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, your blog. There are also other sites like Flickr, Stumbled upon, Pinterest, Reddit, Digg etc. It takes time to learn how to link them together but I highly recommend you learn how.

NB. I am not a Twitter expert. Everything here is my own summary of Twitter from my experience. It is by no means definitive. It doesn’t cover everything at all. If you have any questions then please do email me on info@eanjewellery.com. I hope to see you on Twitter soon.

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