Elizabeth Anne Norris

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Am I real or just a machine ?


It came as a complete shock to me when someone told me off for not using a personal photo of myself for my online accounts such as twitter, facebook, website or blog. It hadn’t even crossed my mind that without a photo I could appear untrustworthy in some way.  People may wonder ‘am I real?’. Well in an aid to rectify this and assure anyone reading that I am a real person and a genuine jewellery designer in Brighton I have put together a photo montage (all photos of me) for you…

Hurst Castle

Zip wire

Hang gliding








Perhaps you could assure others that I’m real by sharing this post with others ?

Do you use a photo for your online presence ? Do you think it’s important ?

Would you trust someone enough to use their services if they didn’t use a photo of themselves on their website?

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Author: eanjewellery

Handmade jewellery specialising in enamel work

12 thoughts on “Am I real or just a machine ?

  1. Wouldn’t have doubted that you are such a pretty lady..It goes on the list with your generosity, kindness, Creative talent..etc. I could go on but I’m sure you’re blushing right now!

  2. yes we can trust on someone without photo.work proformence has nothing to do with photos.

  3. Ya’ look pretty real to me! But I never doubted…

  4. There’s a lot of people out there telling us the “correct” way to do something.

    The correct way to do something is what makes you and your clients happy. End of 🙂

    • Jenny, my gut instinct tells me that a photo of my work is more appropriate than a photo of me for what I do. I don’t know if there is a ‘correct’ way to do it. There is some debate going on amongst my colleagues and everyone seems to have a differing opinion.

  5. I think if you interact on the social networks then people will know that you are a “real” person. it’s annoying when you follow someone and all you get is tweets about their work constantly – looks like spamming. I change my profile at times and replace it with my logo so people get to know that as well.

    There is always going to be people you know personally on any of the social sites so if someone who wants to use your services can always get a reference etc of them. Also if you have a website then people can go and see on there to.

    Unfortunately for the general public my photograph is published all over the networks 🙂

    • Anita, I’d like to think that if people follow my activity on the social networks they will conclude that I am real. I wonder if it makes a difference if you are selling a product or a service?

  6. Morning Elizabeth,

    What a great set of photos.

    I can only talk from my experiences on Twitter….

    I have read research that indicates that people are less likely to engage with logos on Twitter with a photo of an individual. So they have less followers as they are perceived as being less engaging. If I come across the post again I will forward it to you.

    I recommend to my clients that they do a mix for their avatar. Brighton and Hove Jobs are a great example. It’s a mixture of staff and there logo so people are very a, that they represent a business and b, they are human.

    Warm regards


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