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Design Inspiration – So that makes you Curious !


You may have read last weeks post ‘What sparks your curiosity?’ Well, following that I can reveal to you some things that spark curiosity in my fellow jewellery designers. Thanks for your replies.

Alexandra Twin • I think curiosity pulls people in to an object, espescially if they have to open or undo it to find out more. Although at the same time it helps if that curiosity is satisfied and they are not left thinking “but what is it?”. I love old objects with a history that are a little tatty around the edges but so obviously loved… faded text or worn out engraving, that kind of thing makes me curious.

Alison Roberts • Multi facetted answer – I love detail and intricacy and yet also love clean-ness of design and simplicity of colour (probably because it is the opposite of how I work)

Laura Bradshaw-Heap • working with others…. seeing new ways of ‘seeing’ materials and processes…

Cheri Phillips, PMP • I believe that curiosity is one component of passion and without passion, jewelry is pretty lifeless. Curiosity is often what begins one of my designs. I see a component (a bead, a finding, a photo, an object in nature, and I say to myself, “I wonder what I can do with this?” or “I wonder what would compliment this?” Everything around me sparks my curiosity because I think I’m a lifelong learner and experimenter. There aren’t enough hours in a day and probably in my lifetime to ever exhaust all the things I’m curious about learning or experiencing!

Randi O’Malley • My first creative pursuit was music, and music influences my jewelry in that I try to create visually a feeling of rhythm, harmony and melody. It always intrigues me looking for a way to interpret what’s in my head. Also sometimes I start off with an idea and then the piece takes over and turns into something else. I can only explain it by saying that the stones know better than I do what they want to be, and I’m just the tool to make it happen.

what is it?

what is it?

Here is something that sparked my curiosity when I was in Northern India. Can anyone tell me what it it?

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3 thoughts on “Design Inspiration – So that makes you Curious !

  1. So what is that photo of? A flower maybe? seedpod I guess.

  2. The photo is of a eucalyptus flower. Beautiful isn’t it.

  3. Thanks for sharing, I like this blog!

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