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Gem of the day – Tina Carvalho


Today’s feature is a little bit special as Tina of Koolau Arts in Honolulu found me on Flickr when she realised we both had the same contrasting background in biology and enamelling. There can’t be many of us!

Tina is an enamel hobbyist and self-confessed electron microscope nerd who combines her education in art and biology to create some vibrant, unusual and beautiful enamel jewellery and objects. Obviously her passion for invertebrate neurophysiology and then ultrastructure of cells heavily influences her work. One of her first pieces was a viral enamel bracelet which depicts, most beautifully, some incredibly dangerous life forms found on our planet. She’s also made some amazing enamelled spoons. Tina often uses basse taille on silver clay but I am fascinated by the shading work (seen below) she has done using Japanese enamel techniques, that I would love to learn.

Tina says ‘I’m fascinated by the patterns in biology that we cannot see with the naked eye, or even with light microscopes. The amount of detail in plants, tiny insects, in individual cells, even in rocks and, say, crystallized beer, is astounding and frequently stunningly beautiful. These images bring me closer to understanding molecular interactions and mysteries of the nano-world. By translating them into jewelry I’m bringing a right-brained sensibility to a left-brained endeavor.’

Tina Carvalho brooch

Tina Carvalho brooch

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2 thoughts on “Gem of the day – Tina Carvalho

  1. This is a great post and I can see exactly why you like her work – very reminiscent of your work.

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