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Links in a chain – British Society of Enamellers


The British Society of Enamellers (BSOE) is worth investigating if you live in the UK  or not ! If you do any sort of enamelling whether it be jewellery, panels, 3D objects, anything have a look at their site. Have a look at their website gallery for a peek at 2 and 3 dimensional work of some of its members. If you are an enameller but don’t live in the UK I’m sure BSOE will be interested in hearing from you with potential to exhibit here.

“The BSOE has a broad membership, encompassing enamel students to professional level enamellers. Our aim is to promote the highest standards of contemporary design and workmanship in all aspects of this unique and exciting medium. UK-based, the BSOE has international connections and offers exhibition opportunities, bursaries, an online gallery, workshops and events for its members.”


Membership is very reasonable and they run courses throughout the year that are very useful. They take part in prestigious exhibitions and invite members to take part.  All very exciting.

I have seen this piece in the flesh and it is very impressive. A collaboration of two BSOE members Ruth Ball and Mary Brodie. Fabulous colours and textures.

40 /40 colour concepts

40 /40 colour concepts

’40/40 Colour Concepts’
Enamel and textile collaboration
Ruth Ball and Mary Brodie
400 X 600 mm

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2 thoughts on “Links in a chain – British Society of Enamellers

    • It’s such a wonderful piece of artwork, enamels and fabrics together. Amazing colours too. Glad you like it. (does this mean you want to be entered into the June givaway draw?)

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