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Friends, Feedback and Fab Freebies…


3 June 2011

I am celebrating so have decided to give away a pair of my creations for F~R~E~E. Yuppdeedoos – a pair of Elizabeth Anne Norris handmade sterling silver earrings  could be yours at the end of June to wear yourself of give away as a beautiful gift.

Yes I have many reasons to be happy and here are just a few…

–  My blog is in it’s 6th triumphant month.

–  I had a joyous and successful Artists Open Houses Exhibition.

–  I have mastered Twitter and have more than 1 follower (who isn’t my partner!)

–  Through my Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Etsy I’ve connected with so many lovely inspirational people doing what they love and being who they want to be.

– It’s summer time in Brighton, England and there’s a heatwave (27 degrees C is good going by our standards!)

–  There’s plenty more but you’re probably bored of reading by now ;o)

****** So how do you get your hands on my freebie earrings ? ******

1) First choose your favourite of the 3 earring designs below (approximately 8 mm diameter for everyday wear).


Circles and Pearls stud earrings

Circles and Pearls stud earrings

2) Just leave a comment on this or any other post you like on my blog during the month of June.


Squares and Pearls stud earrings

Squares and Pearls stud earrings


3) Spread the word to any friends who you think may fancy a totally fab freebie.

4) On 1 July everyone who’s left a comment will have their name written on a piece of paper, screwed up into a little ball and scattered willy nilly on the living room carpet. Whichever paper ball my kitten plays with first will be the winner.

5) I will announce the winner at the beginning of July and if its you I’ll be in touch personally of course.  Good luck !


Triangles and Pearls stud earrings

Triangles and Pearls stud earrings


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Author: eanjewellery

Handmade jewellery specialising in enamel work

17 thoughts on “Friends, Feedback and Fab Freebies…

  1. I love them all, but the round ones are my favourite. Pick me, kitty, pick me!!

  2. good luck everyone !

  3. Hi Ellie – I had to leave a comment in memory of the lovely JellyFish necklace that you chose in Dalyan 🙂 I love the round ones if I’m lucky enough for your Kitty to pick me!! See you soon


  4. I’d like the round ones if I win!! Can you put some catnip in my entry!!?? 🙂

  5. Beautiful earrings. Before I enter though, I have to check whether those are real pearls ‘cos I don’t wear animal products. If they’re not, then wiggle my name on the end of a piece of string for the square ones please. Many thanks.

  6. I have no problems supporting an old school chum. Please kitty … pick the round ones for me …. 🙂 x

  7. I have a silly grin on my face and a silent chuckle in my heart after reading your posting Elizabeth..What a delight your are..

  8. Ellie, I like the round ones…. Horace, do you remember me, I helped you being born, fed you, cuddled you!

    • Oh Ana, I’m so sorry. You are too late for the June giveaway. Horace has already chosen the (soon to be announced) winner. I’m sure I will have another giveaway soon so you will automatically be entered for that.

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