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Top Tips – Flickr

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Whether you are a professional photographer, amateur holiday snapper, artist, designer or curious experimenter Flickr is a fantastic website. This is my very own attempt at explaining Flickr.

What is Flickr?

Flickr is an online photo and video sharing website. Flickr is fun, easy to use and claims to be the biggest online collection of photos out there on the www. After you’ve created a basic account you can upload up to 200 photos onto the website for your friends or everyone to see.

I upload photos of my work onto Flickr regularly so you can see what I’ve been up to in my workshop or at exhibitions. I’ve been very busy recently preparing for the Artists Open Houses exhibition. I’ve uploaded photos of our lovely house already (ahhh…).

Our Open House Brighton

Our Open House Brighton


Of course if you’d rather your photos were only made available to friends and people with a direct link then you can set up your account so that your photos are not available to outsiders.


Organising your photos into sets or galleries is dead simple and can really help you and others searching for your photos. It’s an option but not a necessity.


You can tag photos with key words to make them searchable. For example I tag each of my photos with key words relevant to my work eg. ‘silver ring’, ‘handmade jewellery’, or ‘enamel jewellery brighton’ then if people use these terms to search then my photos will be included in the search results. You can select ‘everyones photos’ from the drop down next to the search box and then the search will be shown all photos that are publicly available on Flickr. You can also search by name by selecting the ‘people’ option from the drop down menu. If you know who’s photos you are looking for just type in their name to the search box. For example to see all my photos type ‘Elizabeth Anne Norris’ into the search box and it will show photos by me.

People from all around the world have uploaded interesting pictures and videos covering practically every subject possible so it’s a great resource for almost anything that you are looking for.


By clicking the star next to the photos you like you can build up a portfolio of your favourite photos. These are stored so you can refer to your favourites at anytime.


I find sharing the most useful tool on Flickr. If you want to share your photos or if you find a photo from someone else that you just must share then Flickr is great as it has easy to use ‘sharing’ buttons. You can find these above the photo you want to share. by simply clicking on the following option buttons and logging in you share the photo with anyone you want. So easy even I can do it !



Most photos are ‘virtual’ these days but sometimes it’s lovely to print out photos to frame or give as gifts. Flickr has that option too ! My mum is always asking me to print out photos for her as she likes to have the hard copy as a memento.

Friends and Groups

I’ve connected with friends and other photographers I admire on the site and get emails when they update new photos. Joining groups on Flickr can be a good way to keep an eye on themes or photographers you are interested in. I am a member of several jewellery groups. I use Flickr frequently,  almost daily at the moment in both a personal or professional capacity and hope you do to.

This is just my take on it and doesn’t explain everything. I hope you’ve found it useful. Discover more by taking the official Flickr Tour

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