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More weekends at Betty and Friends

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 Todays date is Wednesday 18 May 2011

Well we are exactly half way through our Artists Open House (AOH)exhibition and boy how time has flown. If you recall it’s our first ever exhibition in Brighton so Betty, Thea and I were anxious to get everything right for the opening. We have worked out socks off but it has been worth it. We’re all so pleased with how its gone so far and ultra excited to get featured on the AOH website.

If you don’t know of Artists Open Houses in Brighton there is plenty of information on the website but I’ll explain briefly. 30 years ago Ned Hoskins, a Brighton based artist decided to open his house to the public to exhibit his art. It was a great success for him so in the years that followed more and more houses followed suit. This year over 250 houses in Brighton have opened their doors to the public every weekend in May to display their art, crafts, jewellery, sculpture etc. A friend Betty Shek is hosting an Open House for the first time this year and invited Thea Telford and myself to exhibit with her as part of the Beyond the Level trail.

betty and friends open house

betty and friends open house

You can just imagine the diversity of styles on display across all the houses. It’s a wonderful thing but you’d be advised to choose a small amount of houses to visit in one day to avoid information overload and physical exhaustion !!
We’ve been open for 2 weekends now, 4 days in total, and have had plenty of visitors from near and far a field, including the lovely Allison from Plush Jewellery in Chichester and Fred Pipes  and Jackie Jones our trail reps.  All in all we’ve received great compliments, pleasing interest in our work and sales haven’t been too bad either.

Enamel jewellery by Elizabeth Anne Norris

Enamel jewellery by Elizabeth Anne Norris

There is still time to come and see us.

20a Springfield Road, Brighton BN1 6EE

Sat 21/Sun 22 May

Sat 27 /Sun 28 May

11am to 6pm.

Our doors are open for you to browse, chat with us, the designers and generally nose around.

Even if you can’t make it to Brighton you may be interested in the AOH online auction that is happening all through May. I’ve donated one of my enamel panels to the cause.

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Handmade jewellery specialising in enamel work

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