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Human chrysalises and community workshops at Coachwerks


Human tape hand

Human tape hand


The sculptures of Coachwerks artist-in-residence Josephine Dimbleby will be taking over the front area outside 19 Hollingdean Terrace, Brighton for the duration of the May Brighton Festival. Every day, you’ll find her scouring the streets, harvesting discarded rubbish from the pavements and roads to use in transforming her ‘human chrysalises’.

After a month of transmogrification inside the tape shells, the rebirth of a new creature is likely to occur conveniently during a performance at the final show on Tuesday 31st May, 6pm-8pm. All are welcome to attend.

The month-long metamorphosis of the sculptures from simple shell to their elaborate conclusion will be captured on time-lapse video, which will be available to view on the Coachwerks website from the beginning of June. 


Community workshops during May

Josephine is keen to teach others the simple techniques she uses to make her sculptures. (Please note – under-14s are welcome to join the workshops, but must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.)


Tape people workshop: Come along to Coachwerks on Sunday 8th May, 1-5pm to learn how to make your own tape person or object. Once we’ve made our tape sculptures, we’ll take them on a mini-tour, exploring how we can place them in the environment to make street art. All our masterpieces will be photographed for display on the Coachwerks website.

Suggested donation: £3


Chrysalis workshop: On Sunday 15th May, 1-5pm, Josephine will be hosting a workshop to show you how to make a chrysalis for a creature of your own design – even better, she’ll show you how your chrysalis can be set to burst open of its own accord, releasing your bizarre little critter into the wilds several days later. Intrigued? Make sure to be there!

Suggested donation: £3

Josephine Dimbleby is a Brighton based artist who works with junk and biodegradable materials to create both inhabited and uninhabited suits. For upcoming performance dates or more details about her work, see her website and blog at www.josephinedimbleby.com

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2 thoughts on “Human chrysalises and community workshops at Coachwerks

  1. it look as if it a plastic gloves with water and herbs inside that has been put in the freezer…nice !

    • The art project has started now and there are 3 figures with seeds attached. It’s all very exciting and interesting. If you come to Brighton you must take a look.

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